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Privacy Policy (Protection of Personal Information)

  • Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information that is closely related with individual personality, Aso Foam Crete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “AFC”) will make efforts to protect personal information in accordance with the following policy.
  • Personal Information is the information relating to individuals including name, birth date, telephone number, e-mail address, affiliate, contract information, loan information and others with which we can identify an individual, or the information with which we can identify a particular individual by combining with other information if the information is not identifiable by itself.
3.Purposes of Use
  • AFC will use personal information within the scope of the purposes described below to the extent that such information is necessary to execute business.
  • ➀ Site construction of aerated concrete and production and sale of its secondary product.
  • ➁ Pumping of ready-mixed concrete.
  • ➂ Boring, well digging and hole drilling works.
  • ➃ Production and sale of cementitious products.
  • ➄ Production and sale of building materials.
  • ➅ Civil engineering work, building work, painting work and waterproofing work.
  • ➆ Pipeline rehabilitation work.
  • ➇ Worker dispatching undertaking business.
  • ➈ Rental business of civil engineering and building equipment.
  • ➉ Other business incidental or related to the above.
4.Collection of Personal Information
  • In case that AFC asks for personal information, please provide minimal information within the scope of the purposes.
5.Disclosure of Personal Information
  • AFC will not disclose personal information except that first-person consent is obtained in advance and the following cases stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • ➀ Cases in which the disclosure is executed in accordance with the law.
  • ➁ Cases in which the disclosure is necessary to protect a person or assets, and it is difficult to obtain the first-person consent.
  • ➂ Cases in which the disclosure is particularly essential to improve public health or to promote sound growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain the first-person consent.
  • ➃ Cases in which AFC needs to cooperate for legal duties of national or municipal government organization or any party in commission, and obtaining consent of the first-person may obstruct the execution of such duties.
6.Management of Personal Information
  • AFC will make efforts to prevent loss, destruction, falsification or leak of personal information and to maintain security.
    In addition, in case that there is a request of first-person for disclosure, notice of utilization purposes, correction or deletion of data or termination of use, AFC will respond promptly without objection.
7.Contact us
  • We will respond to inquiries on personal information and the policy at the following contact.
    Department: Administration Department
    Address: 36-1 Kariyado, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa 211-0022 Japan
    Telephone: +81 44 422 2061 (Main Switchboard)
    Facsimile: +81 44 411 9927
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Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

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