AFC's Technology of Repair and Maintenance of Structures

Measures have been taken to extend the lifetime of social infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. Aso Foam Crete Co., Ltd proactively develops the method to apply Foamed Mixture Lightweight Soil to such repair works.


Filling is injected from a space at the lower layer of the bridge so that we can minimize the obstruction to traffic flow during the repair period. Thanks to our original sensor that monitors the filling, accurate and complete filling is possible without giving any loss to the upper structure even at the narrow part. In case that a major repair and replacement of top/bottom of the bridge is necessary, a large scale of cost reduction and a shortened period are possible.

Overall renovation of an elevated bridge
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Repair of a side span of a bridge with 3 spans
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Road Tunnel

Tunnels that had been constructed before the introduction of NATM cause cavities between the ground and the concrete coat. Also, the cavities tend to be developed due to weathering and transformation effects for a prolonged period. Such cavities can be filled by our Air-Pack Method. Although traditional air-mixed mortar and air-mixed cement milk had a weakness as a grout, i.e. air and solid particles are separated when the grout has a contact with water, but Air-Pack Method could resolve the problem. Since an instant plasticization is possible and maintained, it is possible to inject into limited space. In addition, uniform intensity can be obtained because of the inseparable material. This method is most suitable for backfilling under the condition of water spring, reservoir, water flow, and cavity-filling at a water-contact point.

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