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Void Filling Method|Air Pack Method

Air Pack Method (Plastic Grout Method)

Air Pack Method overcame the weakness of grout such as Aerated mortar and Aerated cement slurry where air and solid particles are separated when they make contacts with water. Since its plasticized solidification is maintained instantly, a limited injections is possible. And the non-separation of materials ensures equal strength. This method best suits backfilling of states contacting spring, water pit, water flow, and filling of a cavity that has contacts with water.

Features of Air Pack Method
  • Prevention of solid-volume reduction.
    Sealing of air in the grout makes no-diluting into water.
  • Secured solid-strength.
    Uniform strength is obtained without material separation.
  • Prevention of grout run out.
    Local injection is possible because plasticized solidification is maintained.
  • Safety is ensured.
    Considering the environment, safety of used materials is ensured.
  • Backfilling of states contacting spring, water pit, water flow : Repair of revamping of tunnels, deepground rod, etc..
  • Filling of a cavity that has contacts with water : Boundary surface between the ground and river structures, port and day area structures and existing structures, filling the inside of closed pipes, filling of waste rods, etc..
  • Injection or filling that the limited injection is required.
  • Filling operation when the reduction of load is required.

General application of Air Pack Method – Tunnel repair works (road)

Example of Construction

Tunnel repair (Road)
Grouting under revetment

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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