Corporate History

Started with application of Aerated light-weight concrete as thermal insulation material.
1963Our Aerated lingt-weight concrete is adopted as a civil engineering material for the first time in Mochimune tunnel grouting work (cavity filling) in construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen (known as a bull train), and the construction of cavity filling is started.
1972 Starts a construction of conduit filling in conduit tube filling (diam. 2,800mm) of wide area water system in Kanagawa prefecture.
1987Starts a ground improvement work (Ascolumn Method) in Misawa housing construction site managed by Kyushu Branch of Public Housing Corporation.
1988Starts a Aerated light-weight banking method in bridge renovation works at Akuwa River in Yokohama.
2000Obtains accreditation of Interntional Organization for Standardization (ISO9001).
2001Registers as an over-the-counter company in Japan Securities Dealers Association.
2002Starts purification operation of polluted soil by heacy metal (L&R Geo-Fine Method).
2004Establishes a joint venture company (Guangdong Guansheng Civil Engineering & New Technology Co.,Ltd.) in China.
Lists its stock on JASDAQ market.
2006Patent approved for "Equipment of forming and constructing Aerated light-weight concrete".
Certificate of Construction Technique and Performance was given by General Building Research Corporation of Japan for "Ascolumn Type II : the slurry-type deep mixing method with mechanical agitation".
2007Patent approved for "Equipment and method of injecting powder material into the ground".
Patent approved for "Polypropylene mold system".
2008Ascolumn II Research Meeting started with seven members of private companies in order to spread the Ascolumn Type II Method.
2010The company's stock listed on Osaka Securities Exchange (JASDAQ) along with the merger of JASDAQ Securities exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
2011Along with the integration of Nippon New Market Hercules, the JASDAQ market and the NEO market of Osaka Securities Exchange, our company went public on the JASDAQ (Standard) of Osaka Securities Exchange.
2013Along with the integration of cash markets of Osaka Securities Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange, our company went public on the JASDAQ (Standard) of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2021 Patent granted for "Foaming agent for foamed mortar and process for producing foamed mortar”
2022Patent granted for "Electrolytic corrosion prevention device and method for electrolytic corrosion prevention of piping”
Patent granted for “Wall structure of embarkment”
Patent granted for "Premix for aerated mortar, aerated mortar, process for producing aerated mortar, apparatus for producing aerated mortar”
Moved from JASDAQ (Standard) to the Standard Market due to the revision of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
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