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Aso Foam Crete Co., Ltd is the pioneer of Aerated mortar that meets the current needs and provides the society with fulfillment.

In the midst of highrise construction boom and increasing demands for lightweight and laborsaving before The Tokyo Olympic Games held in 1964, Aso Sangyo Corporation (Aso Corporation as of now) recognized Aerated light-weight concrete (Aerated mortar) as an insulator from its lightweight and heat insulating properties, and established the company aiming to manufacture Aerated light-weight concrete as a building material and to perform construction at site.
Excellent characteristics of our original technology and products (Aerated light-weight concrete), basics of which had been introduced from the U.S.A, met the needs of the age, so it had been applied to lightweight highrise building, waterproof gear on the roof for laborsaving, bank raising of floor boards, embedding cables in a machine room and so on. Then, the lightweight and other characteristics of Aerated light-weight concrete started to draw attention in various fields. In construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen, our Aerated light-weight concrete was adopted as the first back-filling material in tunnel construction in Japan, and the performance of its back-filling in tunnel lining was highly evaluated and thereby it started to be utilized actively in civil engineering works such as cavity filling, conduit filling, lightweight embankment construction. Our construction result has reached over 10 million m3 up to today. As the pioneer of Aerated mortar business as well as a technology-oriented company corresponding to various needs, we are constantly delivering satisfaction to the society while fulfilling the needs of the times.

Aso Group

Our company belongs to Aso Group that is organized with Aso Corporation at the top.

Management Principles of Aso Group
Group Mission "Contribution to the Reform of Social System"

Mission of Aso Group is to join and contribute to the reform of social system, to become a competitive and attractive group and to help develop the local community and the society in Japan and the world.

Group Vision "Creating comfort in our service, Aso Group designs purposes of life." Group Mission "Contribution to the Reform of Social System"

We recognize the importance of social themes such as "the environment" and "health, medical care, welfare, education and human resources" in our business activities as they are the new social infrastructure, and we aim to make a solid founddation of the local society as "a business that delivers comfortable infrastructure". And what comes next of "comfort" is "purposes of life". As a business that helps create "purposes of life", we will cope with the value creation by making further effort and contribute to the local community. Now we declare that we will design our "business that creates purposes of life" based on "a business that delivers comfortable infrastructure", and that we will further extend our knowledge through a comprehensive approach as a group to meet the needs of people and the society "comfort and purposes of life". Our challenge has started under the theme of "Creating comfort in our service, Aso Group designs purposes of life."

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