Ground Improvement Construction

Deep Mixing Method|RAS (Reliable Accord Soil) Column Method

RAS Column Method

RAS Column Method is classified into machine mixing method of deep mixing method. Original soil is mixed with cement milk by force using a mixing blade to improve the ground. Drilling and mixing is executed by the dual rod system that the inner and the outer rods rotate forward and reverse. The inner rod has the head to drill firm soil with high torque, while the outer rod is for mixing. The rod rotating forward and reverse ensures high quality ground improvement with excellent homogeneity. Since the high-torque auger is used, the maximum diameter of the improvement area is 2,500mm, which will give you economic efficiency with the reduced number of the piles. In addition, the special control equipment that displays real time mixing conditions in the ground will make accurate operation and construction.

Features of RAS Column Method
  • The maximum diameter of the improvement area is 2,500mm, which is realized by high-torque auger.
  • Penetration into firm soil is possible by using the high performance drilling and mixing rod with strong drilling head (inner rod) and the outer mixing rod.
  • The conventional problem "cohesive soil rotates together with the rod" is solved by the forward and reverse rotating rod.
  • Real time control of the operation is possible with the special construction control system.
Mixing rod

Application of RAS column Method

Ground improvement of structures : Building foundation, tank ground、foundation of retaining wall, foundation of culvert
Other purposes: Prevention of liquefaction, prevention of subgrade subsidence, side prevention of filling, stabilization of cut earth slope and prevention of uplift, construction of short strut in the ground, self-support retaining wall

Building foundation
Tank ground
River, Road embankment

Example of Construction

Embankment foundation
Handling of a foundation pile head

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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