Ground Improvement Construction

Shallow-and Middle-ground Mixing Method|Power Blender Method

Power Blender Method

Power Blender Method is a reliable and quality improvement method for shallow and middle ground by utilizing the power blender (a soil improvement machine equipped with trencher-type agitating mixer onto the base machine) to agitate and mix improved soil and improved materials continuously and vertically for equal and fine solidification. Three types of power blender method are: The slurry injection type that improvement materials such as cement or stabilizer is mixed in a slurry state and injected into the ground to mix in-situ soil and improvement material by force; The surface spray type that improvement material is spread on the surface and mixed by the power blender; The surface spray with precipitator type that improvement material pumped from a lorry is spread on the surface while collection and measurement are done simultaneously by a spreading machine with a precipitator, then agitation and mixing are done by the power blender.

Features of Power Blender Method
[ Slurry Jet Method ]
  • Improvement length is up to 10m.
  • High quality and low cost improvement.
  • Efficient mixing and uniform improvement strength.
  • Excellent mobility.
  • Meets various types of soil due to the wide range of improvement strength setting.
  • Highly reliable construction management is possible.
[ Surface Spray Method ]
  • Improvement length is up to 3m.
  • Shorter operation time even in a narrow space, and less cost.
  • High quality improvement is possible by its efficient mixing process.

Application of Power Blender Method

Improvement of land foundation of revetment,etc...
Improvement of land foundation of box culvert,sewer,etc...
Prevention of sliding and destruction of filling
Safety measure of filling
Effective utilization of soil (soil disposal) from construction sites
Ground improvement of filling

Example of Construction

Below building foundation
Foundation of retaining wall

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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