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Deep Mixing Method|Ascolumn Method

Ascolumn Method

※Ascolumn : Applicable Soil Cement Column
Ascolumn method is to build the stabilized soil cement column in the ground by applying slurry cement stabilizer in-situ and mixing and agitating soil and stabilizer by using a forward-reverse rotating agitator, then pulling out the rod after having reached the specific depth while continuing the agitation.

Features of Ascolumn Method
  • Soil mass "stick and rotate together" , which had been a typical problem of this method, was resolved by rotating the inner and outer rod forward and reverse at high speed to shear soil mass by force.
  • By rotating the rod forward and reverse at high speed, excellent mixing efficiency and high-strength improvement are achieved.
  • Adjustable rotation rate of the mixing blade and the strong mixing head can be applied to various soil types such as sand gravel, sandy soil and cohesive soil.
  • High vertical accuracy and balance can be obtained from the forward and reverse rotation of dual rod.
  • Soil waste can be reduced largely since soil cement column is constructed using soil in the ground.
  • Low noise and low vibration.
  • Machine can be selected from 15 ton to 120 ton according to working condition.
Video:Ascolumn Method
Mixing Rod of Ascolumu
(Forward and Reverse Rotation)

Application of Ascolumn Method

Prevention of landslide at embankment
Prevention of landslide at the back of abutment
Protection of structures
Track foundation
Tunnel foundation
Tunnel protection
Plant foundation
Tank ground
Building foundation

Example of Construction

Foundation of car parking tower

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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