Ground Improvement Construction

Deep Mixing Method|Enlargement and Reduction Column Method

Enlargement and Reduction Column Method

This is a deep mixing method that features the enlargement and reduction system and the forward-reverse rotating system. By using the enlargement and reduction system, a dry excavation parts are improved with a reduced diameter and a improvement parts with an enlarged diameter, which realizes a reduction of waste soil and stabilizer as well as shorter period of excavation that will lead to more accurate and economical construction.

Features of Enlargement and Reduction Column Method
  • Waste soil from dry drilling is reduced to 1/4.
  • Since the dry drilling part is drilled and mixed with a reduced diameter, waste soil from dry drilling can be reduced to 1/4 of the conventional straight type.

  • Drilling head and mixing blade can be enlarged/reduced.
  • Since the only necessary depth is enlarged and mixed, dry drilling duration can be shortened and quantity of waste soil is small. Also, because dry drilling part is drilled by water drilling, an ordinary backhoe can be used.

  • Simultaneous forward/reverse rotation with the dual rod.
  • The drilling head and the mixing blade are rotated simultaneously forward and reverse directions to shear soil by force, which solved "stick and rotate together" problem and improved mixing ability.

  • Central control system of the enlargement/reduction column
  • The central control system monitors real-time data, i.e. depth, velocity, discharge volume, rotation rate, enlargement/reduction condition of mixing blade and drilling head.

  • Large diameter of column, from Φ1,000mm to Φ2,000mm.
  • Efficient work and shortened construction period.

  • General-purpose machine is used as base machine.
  • Base machine is a general-purpose machine, so the type and the number of machine can be selected according to the condition.
Mixing head
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Application of Enlargement and Reduction Column Method

Batholith improvement by earth retaining excavation, Foundation of water tank and structure, Prevention of sliding and destruction of filling, Creation of impermeable walls

Improvement of deep ground
Reservoir foundation
Building foundation

Example of Construction

Foundation of building base
Ground improvement for building a reservoir

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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