Ground Improvement Construction

Deep Mixing Method|Ascolumn Type Ⅱ Method

Ascolumn Type Ⅱ method (deep mixing method)

Ascolumn Type Ⅱ Method is a deep mixing method using an agitator. The ground is excavated and agitated while slurry stabilizer such as cement is being discharged in order to make improved column type soil. An auger head at the top, the stopping blade and the agitating blade rotating above and below can prevent slurry stabilizer and soil from being mixed together, which can achieve a better stabilization. The system is lighter than traditional Ascolumn, so it can be applied to smaller machines used in wider area in the field. The improved diameter is φ600~φ1,200mm.

Video:Ascolumn Type Ⅱ Method
Mixing head

Application of Ascolumn Type Ⅱ Method

Foundation of structures (civil engineering, architecture), Prevention of sliding and destruction of filling

Plant foundation
Prevention of landslide at embankment
Protection of structures
Building foundation
Track foundation
Tank ground

Example of Construction

Foundation of outdoor football stadium roof
Foundation of retaining wall

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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