Aerated Concrete

Light-weight Banking Method|FCB (Foamed cement Banking) Method

FCB (Foamed cement Banking) Method

FCB Method uses Aerated light-weight concrete (Aerated mortar / Aerated cement slurry) as a banking material. With its features of lightweight, fluidity and self-support, it can be applied to load-alleviation in weak ground, earth-pressure reduction at bridge abutment and other difficult places where alternative lightweight soil is necessary.

Features of FCB Method
  1. 1.Easy earth-retaining.
    ●Because of its lightweight, load or earth pressure on ground/structure is alleviated in banking or backfilling.
  2. 2.Fluidity enables easy construction.
    ●No need of compaction due to its fluidity. Can be used in backfilling at narrow space, filling voids, etc.
  3. 3.Strength/weight can be set freely.
    ●Unit weight can be set between 5KN/m³ and 13KN/m³ by changing quantity of foam and stabilization materials.
  4. 4.Excellent durability.
    ●More endurance to ultraviolet rays, heat and oil than organic polymer, because it is a cementitious material.
  5. 5.Easy dismantlement.
    ●Strength is set at 1,000KN/m² or below when it is used in void filling or ground filling, which enables easy use as a temporary structure and smooth dismantlement.

Application of FCB Method

Load alleviated filling
Reduction of earth pressure at the back of bridge abutment
Widening of filling
Articial ground

Example of Construction

Reinforcement of bridge (Antiseismic)
Filling a void (Modularch bridge)
Replacement filling

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