Aerated Concrete

Void Filling Method|Other void filling

Other void filling

Making the best of its fluidity and lightweight feature, Aerated mortar (Aerated cement slurry) is utilized in various void filling works such as blocking up of tunnels, filling of special dugouts and underfloor of buildings, etc.

Application of other void filling
  • Blocking up of unused tunnels, piles, etc.
  • Backfilling of special dugouts.
  • Filling of building underfloor.
  • Filling voids between underground structure/frameworks and the ground.
  • Filling back voids between a retaining wall and the ground.
  • Backfilling of deep foundation piles.
  • Other void fills where soil or sand cannot be used for filling.

Example of Construction

Backfilling of special dugouts
Blocking up of unused tunnels
Filling of building underfloor
Backfilling of deep foundation piles

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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