Aerated Concrete

Filling Pipe-in-Pipe system|Other filling methods

Other filling methods

Besides filling of shield lining, Aerated mortar is used to fill reinforced concrete pipes and pipe roof. In addition, because of its feature of high fluidity, filling in a pipe-in- pipe where the clearance is small in replacement of installed water pipelines, etc.

Features of other filling methods
  • Construction with a mobile plant is possible even in a short period (one day) and small scale construction.
  • Filling at small clearance is possible due to its fluidity.
  • Any pipe route can be taken at a site where installation is possible (many obstacles at site), because a flexible hose of 40 – 50mm is used for pumping.
Application of other filling method
  • Filling into water supply and sewage in reinforcedconcrete pipes such as road, railway, river, etc.
  • Inside and outside filling of pipe roof constructionworks.
  • Filling into pipe-in-pipe when installed water supply and sewage pipes are replaced.

Example of Construction

Filling of pipes – Filling of reinforced concrete pipes
Filling of pipes – Filling of pipe roof
Filling of pipes – Filling into pipe-in-pipe

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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