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In-situ Soil Processing|L&R (Enlargement and Reduction) Geo-Fine Method

L & R Geo-Fine Method

※L&R : Enlargement and Reduction
L & R Geo-Fine Method is in-situ soil processing using enlargement and reduction system. Since it depollutes the soil in-situ without excavating the ground, polluted soil is not spread around, which enables a quick and economical processing. The agitation methods has adopted the enlargement and reduction method that processes soil in-situ by expanding only necessary depth so that more effective constructions can be applied to in-situ insolubilization of heavy metal and in-situ purification of VOC.

Features of L & R Geo-Fine Method
  1. More effective method because it improves in-situ ground by expanding only necessary depth.
    • No need for earth retaining works and a yard for processing because polluted soil is not excavated.
    • Excellent mixing function because of simultaneous forward and reverse rotation of the drilling/mixing part.
    • Since the middle ground is drilled with a reduced diameter, even a hard layer can be penetrated easily.
  2. Quick processing with simultaneous injection of three types of fluid.
    • Three types of fluid can be injected simultaneously in small quantity by using a special 3-fluid swivel and three independent tubes, construction by one process is possible.
    • Easy maintenance and fix problems, since the injection process is clear with independent tubes.
  3. Large diameter up to 2,000 mm is possible.
    • From 1,000 mm to 2,000 mm column construction depending on site condition.
  4. The central control system monitors the injection of agent real-time.
mixing blade

Application of L&R Geo-Fine Method

In-situ insolubilization of polluted soil by heavy metal, In-situ purification of VOC polluted soil

Example of Construction

In-situ insolubilization
In-situ purfication

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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