Aerated Concrete

Void Filling Method|Aerated mortar / Aerated cement slurry

Aerated light-weight concrete is composed of cement, fine aggregate, water and foaming agent. Grout made from slurry-type (sludge) mortar (a mix of cement, soil and water) mixed with foamed bubble is called Aerated mortar, while Aerated light-weight concrete made without soil is called Aerated cement slurry. Since it has a property of concrete and soil, unit weight and unconfined compressive strength can be set arbitrarily by changing material configuration, which meets required unconfined compressive strength at 2.0N/mm² or below. Aerated light-weight concrete has excellent characters such as lightweight, fluidity, high construction performance and self-controlling, which can be utilized in various civil engineering works such as lightweight banking, shield filling, backfill grouting, void filling, etc. Since our company's establishment in 1961, we have achieved the Aerated light-weight concrete construction results of more than 10 million CBM in the fields of building and civil engineering.

Foaming agent
Protein-type foaming agent: Marl P
Interface-type foaming agent: Geoheart 2


Load alleviated filling
Reduction of earth pressure at the back of bridge abutment
Packing of pipelines
Filling of pipelines
Tunnel repair (backfilling grout)
Filling of hollows such as dugout

Example of Construction

FCB Method (Light-weight Banking Method) - Load alleviated filling
Filling of pipes – Shield secodary lining (Gas pipe)
Void Filling Method – Tunnel repair (Air Pack Method)
Void Filling Method – Land filling of dugout,etc

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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