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Light-weight Banking Method|HGS (High Grade Soil) Foam Mixed Soil Method

HGS Foam Mixed Soil Method

Soil is mixed with water, soil stabilizer such as cement, and foam to get fluid and lightweight soil. The foam-mixed soil is used in filling in mountain areas or weak ground, backfilling of bridge abutment or retaining wall, backfilling of structures, etc.

Features of HGS Foam Mixed Soil Method
  • 1. Density
    ●Arbitrary setting between 0.6g/cm³ and 1.2g/cm³ (It can be adjusted by the quantity of light material).
  • 2. Strength
    ●Unconfined compression strength is set arbitrarily up to 1,000KN/m² (qu is adjusted by the quantity of soil stabilizer).
  • 3. Fluidity
    ●Pumping is possible for void filling and backfilling of narrow spots (Self-leveling is maintained due to high fluidity).
  • 4. Construction efficiency
    ●Because of no need for surface compaction and leveling, labor saving is possible.
  • 5. Efficient utilization
    ●Various type of waste soil can be utilized (Type 3 and 4 waste soils and sludge can be used).

Application of HGS Foam Mixed Soil Method

【Filling material】Filling on weak ground
【Filling material】Filling for road widening
【Filling material】Filling between panels
【Backfilling material】Filling on the back side of a structure
【Final backfilling】Filling for road widening
【Filling in a void】Filling a void.

Example of Construction

HGS Foam Mixed Method – Filling a void (Modularch bridge)

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