Management Policy

Our corporate missions are “to fulfill needs from society” through our unique construction technologies, to enhance environmentally-friendly social infrastructure and to contribute to repairs, reinforcements and prolonging service lives of civil structures that ensure safety, to strive for “corporate value improvement”, and to increase satisfaction of employees, customers and shareholders.

In addition, our business stance is based on, “WE DELIVER THE BEST”: We continually propose a new value based on our spirit that has been nurtured since establishment even in the period of big changes in society and business environments with having core principles of the company, “Safety first philosophy”, “Unshakable trust” and “Our unique construction technology”, and we would like to introduce our fundamental policies as follows:

  • Always act considering "on-site safety" as our top priority in respond to Security required by our customers.
  • Provide “Quality” and “Economic efficiency” that are highly satisfactory for our customers.
  • Strive to improve our corporate value through deepening our construction technologies and developing new technologies.
  • Establish a flexible internal structure and engage in technological innovation to respond to changes in the social environment.
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