Aerated Concrete

Filling Pipe-in-Pipe system|Long-distance Pumping

Long-distance Pumping

Aerated light-weight concrete is filled without a relay point in long-distance shield tunnel. Slurry is mixed and pumped from the plant on the ground, foam is mixed before the filling point, and Aerated mortar or Aerated cement slurry is filled.

Features of Long-distance Pumping
  • Slurry with high fluidity (mortar and milk) is produced and foam is mixed at the end, which enables pumping up to 5,000m.
  • High quality Aerated mortar / Aerated cement slurry is achieved by the special Aerated mortar control device (foam mix equipment) and mixing technique.
  • Hourly construction performance is higher than the conventional pumping method that pumps air mortar from the plant on the ground while efficiency is higher with no need for a relay point.
  • The underground device is small so it can work in a narrow space (when diameter of the installed pipe is small (gas pipe, etc.), dual installation work is possible.

Example of Construction

Plant on the ground
Underground plant

Major Achievements / Construction type and application ▶

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